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Friday, July 13, 2007

The O'Neills are in Minnesota

My blog has been rather quiet over the last couple of weeks and for good reason... School didn't stop until the 6th July and on that date I moved house. Or at least I moved out of my old house, put everything in storage and then went on holiday.

We arrived in Saint Paul on Tuesday. We're here for five whole weeks.

I am hopefully going to blog about my holiday on my seawall blog which you can find on Summer Blogs. I am blogging there with a couple of fifth year pupils from my school - so far their blogs are a lot more interesting than mine, so please have a look.

I hope to continue blogging here about education issues. The picture above was taken enroute to Saint Paul when we stopped off in Iceland. It's me and my two boys at The Blue Lagoon. Icelandair provide a free tour to the lagoon whilst you are between flights. Nice but a bit surreal.

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Ewan McIntosh said...

I'm just about to step onto a plane and do the same thing. I'm going for a dip when I get there; I think I'll just rent the swimming costume. I'll be in Boston if you want some social media and education goodness on your hols.

But somehow I doubt that...