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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What is blogging?

A few posts ago when I was complaining about not understanding technical people’s explanations, I fantasised about ‘dictating our blog’. I saw myself released from the horrid technology by some computer which did exactly as it was told.

Recently a pupil drew my attention to an article describing a new(er) voice recognition tool from Nuance Communication called Dragon Naturally Speaking. The software according to the makers will ‘make blogging easier and faster’. Bloggers are being invited to try out the voice versus typing test.

Being contrary, I read it and realised that I didn’t want to ‘dictate’ my blog after all. Yes, I would like to not worry about the html and so on, but I actually like writing my blog.

I think the blogging writing process is something special.

I thought writing a blog would be like keeping a diary. It isn’t, because this diary talks back. Which is wonderful. I also thought that it might be like writing little articles, but it isn’t because so often the thing you are writing about is still percolating away in your mind and not set in stone.

It’s true I am having to work very hard at understanding the technology. But it is starting to look a little bit less hazy. The gulf between me and the techies is getting smaller. I can actually hear them talking to each other. I am beginning to pick out words which mean things…

Gosh. All because of a blog.

What do you think blogging actually is?


Joe Dale said...

I love the 'This diary talks back' line. Great stuff. There is a lot of jargon to learn at the beginning, but it does get easier, honest.

Best wishes


Mrs. O'Neill's Blog said...

Thanks Joe, every bit of encouragement is welcome!

john said...

What do you think blogging actually is?
A multilayered and multifaceted way of communication.
Anything you want it to be.
As we have only just started blogging in education it is (in my opinion) way to early to say blogging is this or that, it might be the other too;-)

David said...

A conversation. A place to record thoughts that are "good enough to criticise" [Will Richardson or Alan November I think]. A place to reflect... but I'm with Joe, my favourite definition is "a diary that talks back"! :-)